35+ Gorgeous DIY Fairy Garden Ideas #fairygardenWheelbarrow #fairygardenTable #M…

35+ Gorgeous DIY Fairy Garden Ideas #fairygardenWheelbarrow #fairygardenTable #Miniaturefairygarden #fairygardenCastle

A means of not overloading small garden spaces is the monochrome design. Choose the flowers of the plants in one color or combine only different evergreen deciduous shrubs.

If you want to achieve a lush effect through mixed discounts, you should plan a bed width of one to two meters. So you have enough space to put single perennial varieties and flowers with different growth Heights one after the other. Fragrant roses should not be missing in the English garden. They are used in almost all forms. In addition to rose beds, rose arches are also considered one of the most romantic design elements in the garden.

Characteristic plants for the English garden:

Hedges: Yew, Hornbeam, Red Beech, Boxwood

Perennials: Monkshood, phlox, catnip, spur, mullein, lavender (Lavandula angustifolia Elizabeth)

Onion Flowers: Ornamental Garlic, Dahlias, Gladioli

Ornamental Shrubs: Hydrangea, Lilac, Summer Lilac, Snowball, Spikes, Bag Flowers

Climbing Plants: Clematis, Blue Rain

When you think of summer holidays, southern countries like Spain immediately come to mind. To relax under a palm tree with a soft drink in your hand, that is the dream for many. But you can also bring palm trees to Germany. There are frost-hardy varieties that tolerate temperatures down to minus 23 degrees Celsius and grow outdoors without any problems. Some olive trees are also Hardy to minus 20 degrees.

The following palm species, for example, are well suited for the German garden:

Hemp Palm (trachycarpus fortunei)
Date Palm (Phoenix)
Honey Palm (Jubaea chilensis)
Dwarf Palmetto (Sabal minor)
Coconut palm (Cocos nucifera)
Mazari Palm (Nannorrhops)
Needle Palm (Rhapidophyllum)
Fire Palm (Archontophoenix)

By the way, Mediterranean plants such as olive trees, lemon trees or orange trees are an Alternative to palm trees for an exotic garden. You just need to find out which varieties are hardy. Another option would be to place citrus trees in tubs on the terrace. You can also try Kiwis and bananas.

The right lighting not only sets beautiful accents in the evenings. Plants that originate from Tropical or subtropical areas and do not need hibernation can benefit from additional artificial light sources during the weak winter months.

If you want to have a real small jungle in your own garden, you should also consider other design elements in addition to exotic guarding. For example, a small pond with aquatic plants or a pavilion in Bali Style. A comfortable four-poster bed or two sun loungers with a parasol promise relaxing hours in your own garden paradise.

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