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You get a special eye-catcher when you choose unexpected color variations and bright colors. Pink, Orange, purple and yellow immediately create a positive mood and form a wonderful contrast to the Green of the palm trees. Among them, we mean not only colored furniture or colorful seat cushions, but also Flowers of different species. The climbing trumpet (Campsis radicans), for example, scores with trumpet-shaped flowers in light orange to pink orange and forms a harmonious Ensemple with fresh green plants.

A beautiful garden is not a question of size, but of successful design. Many creative ideas can also be realized on a small plot of land. You just have to use the space optimally. Everything succeeds with the right planning and some design tricks.

It does not always have to be a large garden with lawn and swimming pool. Flower bed, seat and pond can also be implemented on a small area. The top priority should be a clear and simple room layout. Try to divide the garden into different functional zones. Geometric shapes bring order and peace to the garden. The different zones should be visually separated from each other.

In a small garden, a clear path is of great importance. Instead of unnecessarily many garden paths, plan a continuous path. When covering, do not use small patches and it is better to use large slabs or a homogeneous gravel covering.

Different levels in the small garden always create the impression of generosity. For example, the flower beds can be higher than the terrace. Brick raised beds are a good solution.

The plant selection must also be well thought out, otherwise the small garden will quickly become overloaded. Limit yourself to a few species with great effect, for example, varieties with conspicuous flowering, decorative foliage or autumn coloration. Shrubs with light green or yellow leaves such as Euonymus “”Emerald n Gold”” open dark corners.

In principle, the character of the garden should be matched to the style of the House. And of course a garden with the same design language fits to a modern house. When designing a modern garden, the focus is on reducing it to clear shapes and colours.

The first step in the garden design is the division of the plot into beds, paths and lawns. Geometric shapes such as rectangle and circle are ideal for this. The garden is considered a continuation of the living space. It should be clearly visible where the path runs and a bed begins.

In addition to classic building materials such as natural stone, metal and wood, the materials used in the modern garden also include concrete, glass, WPC, Corten steel, Polyrattan and polyethylene. Concrete, for example, is very fashionable and can take different forms. Thanks to its weather and frost resistance, it becomes the perfect Material for outdoor use.

Cortenstahl brings a special touch to the modern garden as a screen, raised bed, plant pot or simply as a decorative sculpture. The interesting rust Patina exudes a natural Flair and uses warm glowing accents.

Privacy should not be missing, of course, but better in modern style. However, not necessarily in gray. A modern protective fence made of wood would also fit into the overall concept.

Water features, streams or pools can also be found in the contemporary garden. These should not seem too playful, but rather be kept simple.

Lawns are not always required in the modern garden. Alternatives here are gravel surfaces. An interesting possibility would be the use of cushion perennials as plate joints. The linear Form is taken up again. Most thyme varieties, star moss (Sagina subulata) Corsican mint, and Isotoma fluviatilis are perfect for it. Some groundcover varieties also give garden owners a lot of pleasure with their delicate flowers.

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