Stunning Fairy Garden Miniatures Project Ideas35 #Fairy #ferrygarden #Garden #g, #Fairy #fe…

Stunning Fairy Garden Miniatures Project Ideas35 #Fairy #ferrygarden #Garden #g, #Fairy

The beautiful garden design needs careful planning and online research. You want a well-ordered garden with strong lines and clear structure and not an arbitrary collection of plants?

First, decide whether you want to create a formal or informal atmosphere in the garden. The informal Designs follow the natural terrain and use long, curved, flowing lines for the flower beds. The formal Designs use straight, geometric lines and symmetry. The style of the garden should also match the style of the House.

Draw or plan the location of flower beds in the garden with a Software. Also draw the house and other zones that will be in contact with the planted areas. Avoid complicated shapes and tight curves, because they are difficult to maintain. Make your flower beds at least 1 Meter wide. Beds wider than 3 meters should have some kind of walkway, path or unplanted area that allows access. Plan the walkways, terraces, sitting areas and all sorts of garden zones.

The usual rebate shape is rectangular and is laid out along the lawn or garden fence. The island bed offers a nice Alternative to rectangular discounts. While in the classic discounts high plants stay back and the low – front, an island bed is visible from all sides. Like an island. Plant High flowers in the middle and the low – at the edge. Choose such types of flowers that would immediately catch your eye.

The Strip bed is a good solution even in case of space shortages. It fits perfectly next to the terrace, in front of the hedge or between the walkway and the house wall. Planting strips can also act as room dividers for different garden areas. See the potential in every corner of the garden.

Next, you decide whether your garden design will follow a uniform theme and style. This is determined by the type of plants, recognizable design features and materials. Informal garden styles include farm gardens, rock gardens and butterfly gardens. The English, Mediterranean, Greek, Roman, and Japanese gardens have a formal structure. In the Following, we will deal with the typical characteristics of each garden style.

Zen and Japanese garden
Modern Garden Design
Formal Garden
Cozy sitting areas in the garden
Tropical Palm Garden
Decorations and beautiful Highlights
Small Garden
Front garden design

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